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Many famous cities like New York, Paris or Moscow have many things to offer tourists, and London is also on the list of very few cities that offer many activities for residents and tourists. 

A beautiful city, without a doubt, but it’s also one of the busiest ones worldwide. There are many historic castles, museums, and towers, but also art galleries and restaurants one can enjoy while staying in the UK capital. The perfect way to experience London is to combine both sides; its many tourist attractions from its vast history but also its newer tourist destinations.

That’s the primary reason why we will see four different activities you can enjoy while experiencing this beautiful city. Let’s start.

Experience Luxurious Chauffeur Services

The UK capital is known for its busy streets but also has professional and luxurious chauffeur services. Hiring a private chauffeur London is a smart move because of its many traffic jams, roadblocks and bad drivers. However, another advantage is that you can hire professional drivers for corporate events, airport transfers, and even your wedding day.

Furthermore, the private chauffeur knows how to avoid roadblocks and traffic jams, and they certainly know the fastest routes. Of course, safety comes first, but you also get a smooth ride in a luxurious vehicle. 

A private chauffeur hire means riding in some of the most luxurious vehicles you can imagine. You can choose from cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, or even a Rolls Royce. Driving in such a massive city can be dangerous, so the best option is to let a professional chauffeur take care of business.

It’s a fantastic experience to ride in these vehicles, but it’s also practical for enjoying all other London activities by not being late wherever you go.

Visit the Soho Restaurants

There isn’t one Soho restaurant since Soho is actually an area in the City of Westminster in the West End. 

Back in the day, it was a fashionable district for the aristocrats but also one of the best entertainment places in London. However, things are very different these days, but the most important thing is that you can find fantastic restaurants in the Soho area, which is extremely famous all across the globe.

Once you arrive, you probably won’t like to leave the Soho area since there are so many excellent restaurants with so many various cuisines you can taste from recipes from all over the world.

Another interesting fact is that the cooking is at a high standard, so you don’t have to overthink; you can pick any restaurant right away. However, here are some of the best restaurants in Soho:

  • Dishoom Carnaby
  • My Place Soho
  • Cookhouse Joe
  • Scarlett Green
  • Faros London

Of course, the list of best Soho restaurants is enormous and not visiting at least one is like you’ve never been to London.

London and Theatre!

It would be a shame to come to London and not visit at least one theatre show since the UK capital is famous for its contribution to theatre.

There are numerous fantastic London theatres, but the one that is the cornerstone of the theatre art form is the legendary “The Globe” or the “Shakespeare’s Globe.” Together with “Bolshoi Theatre” in Moscow and Broadway in NYC, this theatre makes the group of three of the world’s most famous and best theatres.

The most exciting fact is that “The Globe” is the place for which the legendary William Shakespeare wrote his plays, hence the name “Shakespeare’s Globe.”

What is even more exciting is that London also has many other fantastic theatres. Some of them are the National Theatre, The Old Vic, the Royal Opera House, and many more, both older and contemporary.

It’s valuable to mention that going to a theatre show at any of these theatres, but especially “The Globe”, you will probably witness the best acting ever.

The Making of Harry Potter

Last on the list but equally important is the chance to go to the popular Warner Bros. studio to enjoy the amazing world of the legendary Harry Potter. 

You will have fun seeing costumes and props by Hagrid, Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, and Harry and see the original sets. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see many other things that made this movie franchise so magical and famous.

When it comes to enjoyment at the highest level, you will be at the perfect place if you decide to visit this place. Whether alone or together with your best friends, you will undoubtedly experience a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment. Of course, hiring a professional chauffeur service is the easiest way to get here.

Here are four different things you can enjoy while visiting the UK capital. Remember that whether you choose these activities or others, you can always hire a professional chauffeur to bring you to any destination.

Have a nice trip, and enjoy all your London activities to the fullest!

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