By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

This weblog is supposed to set you up for good results and lay a foundation with strategies for a successful decluttering and downsizing journey.

If you are decluttering and downsizing, probabilities are you’re confused at the assumed of the enormity of the occupation forward of you.

I know I was! I remember sitting on the ground of my significant spouse and children home, hunting up and crying!

Where do I even commence?

How can I potentially downsize and declutter this monstrosity?

And then I began to imagine of all the major layout jobs I have correctly concluded in excess of quite a few years and understood that…

Decluttering and downsizing are genuinely just project management.

Perhaps on steroids, but if you shift your frame of mind from:

  • It’s overwhelming and extremely hard to it is just controlling a big project…

It commences to feel so considerably much easier and possible.


Move 1: Shift your mentality to triumph at downsizing and decluttering

Just for a moment, think of 2 or 3 huge tasks you’ve taken on in your life span and succeeded at, whether it be own or qualified. Perhaps it was…

  • A significant conditioning goal i.e., managing a half marathon or performing Iron Person
  • A big body weight decline goal i.e., eliminate 50 lbs .
  • A stretch profession target i.e., start your individual small business or produce a e-book

Every single one of these goals associated challenge management. Even if you convey to oneself you are not superior at controlling massive initiatives, most likely you have succeeded at a quantity of big objectives in your lifetime.

If you are just setting up your downsizing and decluttering journey or if you’ve been at it for a while and will need motivation, start thinking of downsizing and decluttering as just like any other major undertaking you’ve taken on and succeeded at.

You are going to be surprised and how substantially much easier and manageable it will be!


Move 2: Start out with the end in brain and then operate backwards

Visualize what form of life you want the moment you have decluttered and downsized.

For me it was very clear:

  • I wanted a less complicated lifetime with much less clutter a lot less stuff, a lot less tension
  • I also preferred a much more carefree life style with more mobility overall flexibility and much less responsibility.

All of my stuff was bodily and mentally weighing me down, protecting against me from possessing the existence I was longing for.

·       When you are apparent about your why… Why you want to downsize and declutter?

·       What you want your upcoming everyday living to glimpse like…

The downsizing and decluttering process receives easier since it’s just a procedure to get you to your goal.

Check out out my Downsizing and Decluttering Workbook, Click on Listed here.


Step 3: Establish techniques to deal with the system of downsizing and decluttering

Keep in mind it is just a process.

Don’t forget it’s just job management.

When you have effectively managed a substantial venture prior to, a bodyweight decline or 50 % marathon, you possible experienced a plan to make it come about daily, weekly, or monthly.

The prepare in all probability included:

  • Milestones
  • Timelines
  • Steps for results

You most likely even had a reward program set up to rejoice smaller and massive wins.

Downsizing and decluttering are accurately the exact journey and methodology.

Just take time to make a realistic system, and build a system that is effective for you and your way of life.

  • Publish it down
  • Assessment it daily and weekly
  • Keep track of or measure your progress each individual week

You will commence to see outcomes and get energized to get your job completed.


Phase selection 4: Decide on the appropriate team

I never recommend hoping to downsize and declutter on your possess. Fairly, I advise creating a crew, paid or voluntary to not only lighten the load, but also to hold you enthusiastic and on activity.

When I commenced my downsizing and decluttering journey, I actually assumed that I could do it myself. Fast forward: a person thirty day period immediately after quite a few tears and tons of unfavorable self-talk, I picked up the cellphone and termed my sisters. They quickly stated, of training course, we will be there upcoming weekend!

I notice not anyone has loved ones that can enable or is eager to aid and that’s Alright. As a substitute, access out to pals or colleagues to see if they will guide you if even for a smaller section of your downsizing and decluttering journey.

And of system, volunteer to reciprocate.

If you don’t have anybody to volunteer there are companies the two large and small that assist you with downsizing and decluttering.

As a make any difference of actuality, decluttering is a single of the new companies we started off providing the moment I became regarded as the “Downsizing Designer”.  My group assists you do the heavy lifting by delivering your donated goods to donation web pages or trash. It’s astounding how appreciative men and women are when they help you save time and electrical power.

When deciding on your group:

Be positive to share your eyesight plans and timeline with them.

Ideally, your staff is designed up of a combination of organizers, do-ers, and large lifters.

The goal is to have workforce associates with diverse ability sets to enable you attain your all round objectives.


Phase 5: Declutter initial, THEN DOWNSIZE

What is the point of having things with you to your new downsized property that you really do not want, need or use or if it will not match or appear very good in your new area?

Too normally this takes place and then you have to double downsize or take away added factors that really do not work in your lesser house.

Sizzling tip #1: Declutter the big merchandise to start with

The home furnishings you do not want, utilized, or it won’t in good shape.

As before long as you start off to declutter the substantial pieces, your residence currently feels lighter. It also exhibits massive progress and that’s very motivating.

Scorching suggestion #2: Start decluttering in regions exactly where selection-generating is much easier for you

Get started in which there is no emotion hooked up to the factors.

Exactly where you can rapidly detect items, you want to keep, dispose of, or donate.

These are 2 of my favourite decluttering hacks or shortcuts.

Hopefully, these 5 measures will support you guarantee the good results of your decluttering and downsizing journey!

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