Project Specifics:

Site: Colo River, NSW, Australia

Architect: Benn + Penna / @benandpenna_architecture

Builder: Underhill Constructions, Mountain Gum Constructions, and Craig Miller

Photographer: Tom Ferguson / @tfadtomferguson

From the Architect: Colo Crossings is a new dwelling for retreat, located 100 kilometers northwest of Sydney’s CBD, and sitting down atop a steeply sloping hill to the river. The project is conceived as a a few-dimensional weave of landscape and creating, allowing for motion through in both equally the prepare and portion. A plunge pool sits at the coronary heart of the constructing and is the central void to which the application and circulation are anchored. The dwelling is built of transport container units, with three bedrooms, two bogs and an open up strategy kitchen, living, dining home. The areas are organized to enable for a looping circulation pattern, permitting occupants to shift cyclically as a result of the residence appropriately to the switching time of the day and temperature ailments. From the entry promenade, the house is a periphery for viewing the landscape. One can see appropriate through the home at its center like a telescope, foregrounding the immediacy of the landscape’s presence.”