Buying Ceramic Cookware

Recently, ceramic cookware has become more popular. Most people know that ceramic is healthier than nonstick because Teflon contains PFOA and PFE, a toxic chemical used in the nonstick coating. Because of these concerns, ceramic is advertised as a safe alternative to Teflon. It is also advertised as healthy because it needs less oil and fat and is better for the environment-some even advertised as recyclable. Ceramic offers the benefits of nonstick without the dangers. It comes in two types, pure ceramic and ceramic coated.

Pure ceramic sets are more costly, because less companies sell it. It is more involved to make, being cast from a mold, dipped in a glaze, and fired. (that’s why it is recommended that ceramic cookware takes low to medium heat). You can expect to pay upward of $250, maybe $280-499, although there is a 16 piece Xtrema for $649 on their website. But it is quality cookware, and a good piece of quality pure ceramic can last for 50 years if taken care of. You will know pure ceramic because it does not have metal handles or glass lids.

Ceramic coated sets may be slightly more expensive than nonstick, but the price is manageable and not too far off the beaten path. The prices of this type of cookware can vary due to manufacturer, and there are many brands of pieces and sets that you can buy on a budget. However, it’s best to buy one that will do the job. Are you buying pieces or sets? Would it be better to buy one or too good quality, or spend more and get the set? The prices range depending on the quantity and quality of ceramic. You can expect to pay $75-250 for a set.

An important consideration in cost is the warranty and durability. Is there a warranty? How long is the warranty? Will I really take care of it or will it need to be replaced in a couple years? Care is not the first on a buyer’s mind, but it will definitely make that pan last. Pure ceramic can last for 50 years if taken care of. Some brands of ceramic coated cookware offer a 10 year, some a 2 year, some none. Look for the ones that do. This really should not be a deciding factor though–although it helps–because there can be exclusions to the warranty. For example, ceramic is dishwasher safe but a warranty may not include dishwasher damage. That means damage from other pots and pans or dishes clicking together, usually.

Quality is the key to purchase. The best rated ceramic coated cookware sets for ease of use and cost are Greenpan and Cuisinart, With WearEver coming in third. Your lower average price of a good set will be $140. The best rated pure ceramic cookware sets are Xtrema, with a set costing $288-$439. Don’t be afraid to spend money on good cookware, but remember you get what you pay for.

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