Plain Sawn Hardwood Floors

Plain sawn which is also occasionally termed flat sawn is the easiest, most popular + the very least pricey system to mill hardwood flooring. It is where parallel cuts are produced lengthwise to the tree which amounts to the minimum volume of squander.

Simple Sawn Wooden Grain

Simple sawn hardwood flooring often have the maximum grain variation which can develop a distinctive glance. Based upon the species of wooden, simple sawing may outcome in the “cathedral effect” wherever the wood grain, though wavy, resembles that of a cathedral which contributes to a difference in the pattern.

Plain Sawn Sturdiness

Although the species of wood is certainly crucial to its in general toughness, the way plain sawing cuts the logs does leave it additional susceptible to:

  • Cupping in which the wood commences to increase on the edge of the planks.

  • Crowning in which the middle of the plank is increased than the edges.

  • Gapping wherever the wooden separates or creates “gaps” in involving the planks.

Quarter Sawn Hardwood Floors

For quarter-sawn hardwood flooring, each individual log has been minimize into… you guessed it — quarters. And then, cuts are manufactured to the tree perpendicular to the progress ring of the tree. For the reason that of the extra steps + the angle of the cuts, not only does charge improve but so way too does squander.

Quarter Sawn Wood Grain

Based upon the nature of cutting into the development ring, quarter sawn wood grain has a quite straight + even grain sample to it. Relying on the species of the tree, quarter sawn wooden grain may well reveal quite a bit of flecking in the wood.

Quarter Sawn Toughness

From a toughness standpoint, quarter-sawn hardwood floors are cut in a way that will make them much more resistant to dampness + therefore less vulnerable to cupping or warping. 

Rift Sawn Hardwood Floors

Rift sawn, which is also named radial grain, is quartered + then each quarter is lower alongside the “radius” of the tree. Due to the fact of the way that rift-sawn floors are cut… a triangle of squander from in concerning every plank exists.

Rift Sawn Wood Grain

Rifts sawn wood grain is incredibly linear (hence the trade-off of additional waste) with no flecking + hence generating an very uniform + refined glimpse to the hardwood floors.

Rift Sawn Durability

For the reason that of the way in which rift-sawn hardwood flooring are cut the wooden is the most resilient + steady of the milling strategies.

Rift and Quarter Sawn Hardwood Floors

Often simply because of the sizeable squander that comes with full rift sawn hardwood flooring, purchasers prefer a blend of rift + quarter sawn hardwood floors. But it is not simply using rift-sawn cuts + quarter-sawn cuts and combining them with each other randomly. 

The milling process to develop this is to essentially slash alternating sides of the quarter-log.

Rift and Quarter Sawn Wood Grain

And consequently the outcomes of this method are really exclusive in that while minimizing the grain of the hardwood flooring (rewards of rift sawn) it nevertheless results in an elegant character in just about every plank (gains of quarter sawn).

Rift and Quarter Sawn Durability

From a longevity standpoint, the positive aspects of rift + quarter-sawn hardwood flooring stay the similar.  

What Wooden Species Is The Hardest For Hardwood Floors

Whilst dents, scratches + other use + tear are unavoidable for any flooring, the hardness of a unique wooden species is however portion of how we figure out for our customers what hardwood floors make the most sense for them.

We’re taking into consideration issues like:

Thankfully, the Janka hardness scale prices the hardness of precise wood species + puts them on a scale. Here are some of the extra well known species of wood and their respective Janka ratings: