How to Install a Rain Shower Head

With all the various showerheads available on the sector, it can become overpowering to select the very best a single. Nevertheless, a far more modern choice that has been gracing high-class loos is rain shower heads. These are likely to be more substantial than the normal shower head, consisting of more holes for h2o move and leaving you with much far more protection while you shower. So, if you’ve made the decision to give your shower an upgrade by receiving a rain shower head, you’ve appear to the correct position.

Studying how to replace a rain shower head is not tricky but necessary to do. In this short article, we’ll convey to you all the things you want to know about how to put in a rain shower head in the ceiling, as nicely as necessary points you should really be conscious of about rain shower heads.

What is a Rainfall Shower Head?

First, if you have by no means read of these right before, you might be pondering what a rainfall shower head is, to commence with. These are some of the a lot of possibilities you have to select from when it comes time to enhance your bathroom.

Normally, these shower heads are significantly larger than normal, coming in at 6 inches and above. This usually means you will have a whole lot more water coverage as you shower, building you experience hotter and far more peaceful when you shower. Rainfall showerheads can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted. Some of them are multi-purpose, and other folks even come with an added handheld shower head. The more attributes that you get with your rain shower head are up to you!

What to Seem For

rain shower

At the time you have made the decision that a rain shower head is the very best possibility for your house bathroom, it is necessary to look at some of the various criteria that will go into generating the correct conclusion for having a new showerhead.

  • Wall-mounted vs. ceiling-mounted: Rain shower heads can be wall mount or ceiling mount. You may want to call a plumber to see if your bathroom’s plumbing is suited for ceiling mount shower heads. If that’s the circumstance, you can get just one that would need to be connected to a shower arm. Or else, opt for a wall mount rain shower head.
  • Dimension: As we claimed ahead of, rain shower heads tend to differ from other varieties owing to their dimension. They have a wider diameter than different styles of shower heads, enabling you to have more h2o coverage. Folks want this selection simply because these shower heads are more enjoyable and hotter in the cold wintertime months. On the other hand, you do require to look at measurement, specifically if you have a smaller lavatory or tub. Rain shower heads are inclined to be in between 6 and 10 inches in diameter. An additional cause you need to have to take into account the dimensions is that rain shower heads get the job done better if there is a ton of h2o tension. So, if your house doesn’t have that a great deal water stress, you may need to have to pick a lesser shower head.
  • Spray configurations: This is definitely a make a difference of personalized choice. If you like to customise your shower, acquiring a shower head with numerous spray configurations is crucial. You can have a excellent, stress-free shower if you select a single with many massage settings, for example. Some of the more high-priced selections involve spray settings this kind of as massage and mist. If spray configurations are not your matter, though, you can generally select a rain shower head that features the bare bare minimum.
  • End: The future aspect is also a make any difference of own preference. If you want something that will be for a longer period-long lasting and much more efficient, then you could want to think about having a rain shower head and shower arm that are made of steel or brass. There are also rain shower heads created of Abs plastic, but these really don’t are inclined to be the most fantastic excellent. Some people choose to get a rain shower head that will go with the rest of the toilet, but this isn’t way too critical. Just make confident that you obtain a thing that will very last you a extended time and do the career.

How to Set up a Rain Shower Head

Rainfall Shower

Now that you know what you need to glimpse for when acquiring a great rain shower head, it’s time to focus on how you install a rain shower head. Whether you are hunting to install 1 or you want to learn how to change a rain shower head, these are the standard ways you will need to consider.

Initially, you want to make confident you have an adjustable wrench, bucket, and plumbers tape. Just before you get started, a excellent rule of thumb is that you ought to make absolutely sure to turn off the h2o supply at household in scenario you accidentally switch the shower on.

  1. To start out, realize that showers have incredibly hot and cold offer lines that arrive to the command valve. Then, the h2o will come up by the shower arm and out via the head. Therefore, the shower arm and head are individual.
  2. Get started by eliminating the shower head you presently have. Even if you are switching to a rain shower head, this should really not be far too tough. You might will need to use the adjustable wrench. It may well be a good thought to get your bucket in circumstance you will need to capture any h2o.
  3. Then, remove the shower arm although applying a cloth to defend these pieces from damage by wrenches.
  4. Get your plumber’s tape and wrap it all-around the threads to prevent leaks and so that the threads really don’t unravel.
  5. Slide the ring that hides the hole in the wall, referred to as the flange, in excess of the shower arm. Then, remember to put it in the drop-ear and tighten it working with your hand.
  6. Now it’s time to set up the rain shower head. Either by making use of your hand or a wrench, place it on the shower arm and tighten it. You can now get rid of any added plumbers tape that’s demonstrating from the shower arm.
  7. The past phase requires turning on your home’s h2o offer so you can see if there are any leaks.

These measures are not tough to abide by, even if you’re not a professional. Nonetheless, if something seems bewildering to you, you may want to attain out to a plumber so that you do not ruin your rain shower head.

How to Put in a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Some folks may desire receiving a ceiling mount rain shower head, which will offer them with the ultimate rain experience. However, putting in a ceiling rain shower head is much more complicated considering the fact that you will have to remove a element of the wall, so you may want to have a qualified put in this for you. This is also so that nothing at all takes place to your wall. But if you’re self-assured in your skills, here’s how to set up a ceiling-mounted rain shower head.

  1. Initial, you will need to have to choose off the screws that are on the fall-ear. Then, take the fall-ear and pipe off. Future, just take the plastic pipe- PEX- area a crimp ring onto it whilst employing a crimp instrument to get it on.
  2. Just take your drill and build a gap in the major portion of your wall for the PEX.
  3. Get plumber’s tape to wrap about the shower valve fitting. Then, you will want to choose your PEX pipe and secure it in the hole you created and the valve. You may perhaps require to use a wrench to make absolutely sure that the pipe is limited.
  4. Making use of a crimper, crimp this PEX pipe to a 90-diploma angle, then reduce another one that will increase about the shower. You will want to make guaranteed that there is a cross brace the place the fall-ear elbow is. Then, protected the pipe onto the brace. You will also want to get clamps and position them on the pipes to protect against them from shaking.
  5. Get a capped pipe nipple and set up it into the drop ear. Then, convert on your home’s h2o provide to see if there are any leaks.
  6. Now, you can close the wall and ceiling. Retain the cap on the pipe nipple, and really don’t put in the shower arm and rain shower head right up until you’re completed with the renovation. Then, you can put in the shower arm. The other methods necessary to install the rain shower head to the pipe nipple are the same as the wall mount shower head.

At the time all over again, performing a ceiling mount is significantly more intricate and may be better still left in the arms of the specialists. Getting rid of element of the wall can be challenging for some. You’ll also want to assure that your home’s plumbing is appropriate for a ceiling mount rain shower head.

What to Know About Putting in a Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower Head

Below are a couple of things that you should be conscious of when you set up your rain shower head.

  • Really do not be frightened to employ a expert. Although we all like to conserve income the place we can, putting in a rain shower head can be hard if you’re not a experienced. This is particularly correct if you want to install a ceiling-mounted shower head. Most likely your lavatory does not have the appropriate plumbing to accommodate the ceiling-mounted shower head. You may perhaps want to phone in a experienced to get a second view and even assist you set up it.
  • Continue to keep all the pieces you removed. It could also be a great idea to continue to keep all the leftover items or that you eradicated when you’re performed putting in the rain shower head. This is merely given that you may possibly need to remodel or fix once more in the long run, and owning individuals parts on hand will undoubtedly aid preserve you from a headache.
  • Are There Twin Shower Heads? Dual shower heads may perhaps or could not call for further techniques to set up. Go through our article about how to put in twin shower heads.
  • Maintain an eye out for leaks. One of the most crucial items you need to have to do when putting in the rain shower head is to check out for leaks. Make sure that water is not leaking anyplace when you flip it on again. If you come across that drinking water is leaking from someplace, you might need to have to incorporate more plumbers tape, reconnect the showerhead, and tighten it with the adjustable wrench. See if the tape is sticking out, and if it is, you’ll want to redo the tape the right way. If all of these functions are set up specifically as they should be, it may well be time to change the shower arm due to the fact this could be a signal of harm or don.
  • Realize that larger doesn’t usually indicate superior. For example, you might experience intrigued by its attract with a rain shower head considering that these shower heads do provide a lot of h2o protection. But hold in intellect that a bigger shower head will require more drinking water, which usually means that you could possibly not get a whole lot of water pressure when you shower. So if you’re a person who prefers to have quite a little bit of h2o force when showering, you may well want to take into consideration obtaining a rain shower head which is lesser in dimensions, and that has much less nozzles.
  • How significant to set up a rain shower head? Finally, it’s vital to consider the shower head peak when putting in. You require to make positive that your shower’s ceiling is higher more than enough if you want to have a ceiling-mounted rain shower head. There need to be about a foot clearance from the ceiling to the showerhead. A excellent rule of thumb is to position it 3 inches over the person’s head. Of class, this all relies upon on how tall the user is, but you’ll however want to make positive that the specific can get below the shower head comfortably. Test out shower heads for tall folks.


If you’re an individual who likes to have magnificent showers, you’ve most likely listened to of rain shower heads and dream of acquiring one. There are several points to take into account when finding a rain shower head, nonetheless, and they might not be the best selections for some bogs. Relying on whether or not you want a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted shower head, your bathroom’s plumbing set up will engage in a big purpose. But if you do pick to get 1 of these shower heads, you are surely not likely to regret your alternative following a comforting and warm shower.

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