The issue is not having money to invest in real estate but rather choosing the right market. Many see not having the money to invest as a disadvantage. But is this really the case? The principle behind investing is to receive a recurring income on a regular basis. In this scenario not having the money to invest puts you in a better position as it does not cost you anything to get started. Hence whatever money you make is automatically considered profit straight away.

On the other hand being able to access a loan puts you at a disadvantage. Though you maybe using other peoples money to invest they will require a repayment as well as a percentage of the returns. This significantly reduces the amount of money you put in your pocket inevitably taking more time to realize substantial profit.

So how is it possible to start investing in real estate with no money? The answer lies in being able to identify the opportunities out there and supply the demand. Recognizing that no two deals are the same is a good place to start. Individuals circumstances vary and sometimes require solutions outside the norm. Being able to come to this persons rescue can bring about an opportunity for you and a solution for them. A win-win solution for all parties involved.

Investment property financing is therefore not where you need to start when considering real estate investing. The principle that applies to any successful business involves finding a hungry market first. The same applies when investing in property. Your starting point should be to find out what’s happening locally in the real estate market. Determine how big the market is and whether or not the solution will provide you with an income month after month.

Knowing exactly what works and what does NOT saves a lot of time and effort. The safest and most practical way to achieve this is to find out from someone who has had proven success and knows exactly what to look for and where to find these opportunities. Going it on your own can prove to be tedious and become daunting, before too long it becomes too much. Like with all things new we start by learning the basics, doing small trials then grow gradually.

Taking the first step is the hardest but once you have taken it, you’ll ask what took me so long!

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