Land Hermit Crabs

For the hermit crab enthusiasts and pet lovers, distinguishing between land and the marine hermit crab is an easy task. But for many people, this is actually one of the most difficult things to do considering that there are over five hundred different species that known to human beings. What many people do not know is the fact that majority of these crabs are actually found in the vast ocean and only a few species decide to live on land and this is where they got their name from. What is interesting is that a few species of land hermit crabs made it to the homes of pet lovers. In fact, there is today a rising popularity with respect to these crabs being adopted as pets.

Very much like their marine counterpart, all land hermit crabs need to return to the ocean for breeding because the sea water plays a significant role in the successful hatching of their eggs. When the crabs are adopted as pets, they are easy and fun to maintain despite being the most unusual of all pets. In fact, every crab pet has a unique personality and characteristic, making them fun to care for. In addition, these crabs are also very curious and active little creatures, making them the best of all the exotic pets.

Since hermit crabs have soft and small bodies, the crabs protect themselves by using empty snail shells and the shells will become their mobile homes for as long as they fit inside their chosen shells. In fact, it is because of this lifestyle that this type of crab got its name. Now when the crabs get bigger and the snail shells are getting smaller, the crabs start to look for bigger shells. That is why these crab pet lovers are advised to provide their pets with additional shells, usually bigger shells, so that by the time they undergo the process of molting or growing they can easily find another suitable shell as protection for their soft abdomens which are always the predatory targets. The shells must not be so big that the crabs will be having difficulty bringing them as the crabs wander around the cage.

In terms of food, land hermit crabs are like marine hermit crabs, omnivores. They basically eat anything they find edible. This is one great advantage of having land hermit crabs as pets. In fact, what is edible to human being can also be given as food to these crabs. What is good for human consumption can also be good for crabs and what is bad for human is also bad food for the crabs. But for specialized diets, they need plenty of carotene, calcium for their strengthening their exoskeleton and antioxidants. In fact, it is good to also feed them lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. They also love tannin, and so it is safe to feed them with oak leaves and tree bark.

In deciding to adopt land hermit crabs, there are actually things you need to consider. The very first thing you have to take into account is where you will get your pet crabs. What is good today is that there are many pet stores, both online and offline, where you can find a rich variety of land hermit crabs. Although it is important to choose only the healthy ones, it is actually not difficult to pick crabs with missing legs or claws as the crabs will re-grow their missing parts along the process. Finally, in buying these land crabs, it is actually advisable to get another one or two so that your pet will not be alone in all its life with you.

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