P63 is a small city apartment made for a single of our typical clientele. Most of his time, he stays with his household in the state and arrives downtown only on company for 1-2 days. When commencing this design and style task, we were being confronted with the hard task of effectively organising the space in a rather compact apartment and generating it as practical as feasible.

P63 apartment 1

P63 apartment 3

We resolved to focus on 3D room organisation. Hence, we have created an item in the form of a cube that logically divided the central space of the apartment into many zones. On just one aspect of the area, there is a kitchen, and on the other facet, a rather big storage area is put this authorized us to keep the hallway and the entrance place each neat and useful. Also, we made a little performing place inside of this volumetric object.

P63 1

As the primary notion of the condominium, we strived to produce one thing entirely distinct from the client’s place home, the place black color predominates. So, we preferred to make the space in the condominium bright, concise, and pure. That is why we selected white as a colour for all surfaces. In the meantime, a practical volumetric green cube grew to become the visual accent of the structure.

P63 apartment 2

The placing of the apartment is made in a concise and minimalist way, with nearly no decor. To emphasise the geometry of the place, we applied shadow profiles and hidden skirting boards. The interior is dependent on minimalist and nicely-designed structures that make an unpretentious space appear elaborate and powerful.


12 months: 2021 Complete location: 120 m2 Place: Tallinn, Estonia Images by: Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov​​​​​​​

P63 apartment 8

P63 apartment 4


P63 apartment 6

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