This review is intended to give you the quick overview of what is real estate investing, some of the benefits and reward, some of the challenges you will face, and a recommendation of where to start.

Real Estate Investing is the process of buying, selling, managing, renting, lending money, and or assignment of contracts for a profit. You do this by taking an equitable position in the property. This is different from Real Estate Agents. Real Estate Agents also sell real estate but they do in a position where they represent the owner of the property hence they must be licensed. Investors do not require a license because they are buying and selling as an owner. Some investors decide to add a license to their resources while others hire Agents to work for them.

Real Estate Investing has been around for a very long time. It has proven to be a very profitable and rewarding career for many people. While some people are born into a family of investors, many others are not. If you are new to Real Estate Investing you will find there is a lot of information out there that will quickly overwhelm you. You will find that people from every walk of life, every level of education, every age (even very young people with the help of responsible adults), new to the country or have been on this land since before the Pilgrims, invest in real estate.

There are several more things to consider before you find the right place to get educated.

  1. What type of buying, selling, or holding strategy is right for you.
  2. How much time, realistically, can you devote to your education.
  3. How much time, realistically, can you devote to investing.
  4. Are you employed or unemployed.
  5. Are you using your own money and credit.
  6. Are you going to have a partner.
  7. Where do you want to invest.

Don’t worry if you do not have answer to all of these. You will discover the right strategy for you. Many great opportunities to invest exist right in your own neighborhood, which is a great location to start it. Also, you do not have to use your own money or credit. There are other real estate investors who dedicate their time in lending their money to those finding the properties. Borrowing the money is often beneficial to all parties. If you have a limited amount of time due to a job, family, or other commitments then the good news is that there is a solution for that too.

To learn this new career, you must choose who to learn from. Whether you read a book or take a class, inevitably is will be from an established Real Estate Investor. Be careful on who you go to. Many of these well known gurus will sell you their seminars and have you travel the country spending lots of time and money. Here is who we recommend. Jason Nedro is a family man who faced many of the same challenges that many of us do. Prior to real estate investing, Jason worked long hard hours which took him away from his wife and five kids. He knew he needed a career that gave him both a great income and time for his family. With little time on his hands, Jason took on real estate investing part-time. Jason was quickly able to quit his previous career and continued to invest part-time. Jason has been in his new career for five years now earning millions of dollars providing a great life for his family. Jason learned how to do this so well, he decided to include his family in the business.

Jason was not alone through his career change. He chose great teachers to show him how to buy and sell. Jason launched his own training program called REI Success Mastery and has helped many others overcome their circumstances. Whether his students are investing part-time or full-time, they now enjoy the benefits of this great career.

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