If you stay in your property lengthy more than enough, you are inevitably heading to have to have a new roof. When you do, you will have a decision of either tearing your present roof off and starting off from scratch or recovering your recent roof. Master the change amongst a reroof vs. tear off and the benefits and cons to support you narrow down your selection.

Most of the time, the selection is pretty crystal clear-minimize. If a major storm has blown off fifty percent the shingles of your home or if a significant tree limb has obliterated a good chunk of the roof, there is only 1 way to go. At that issue, you will also almost certainly need to switch the underlayment or even roof decking.

Or it’s possible the roof was inadequately installed in the very first place. As much as we like to assume our houses were all constructed with the exact same awareness to detail, selected contractors may not just take the time and hard work they should–especially if they are out to make a brief buck. They really don’t generally final incredibly extended, but their blunders stay.

If the roof was set up poorly and there are leaks through the roof, you could have to have to substitute all of the parts of the roofing technique. If the leaks ended up permitted to linger, there may even be structural hurt to the attic as perfectly. At that point, the reroof vs. tear-off discussion is moot.

In reality, there is generally only one explanation you’d opt for a reroof (sometimes referred to as an overlay): You want to make a main modify to the glance of your household. An current roof can increase benefit quickly, increasing the suppress enchantment of your dwelling and getting a advertising point. But the disorders require to be proper.

Tear the Roof Off

As the identify indicates, tearing off your roof implies you will be beginning from scratch when it arrives to the roofing content. A single of the good factors about this approach is that you will be able to see issues places, these types of as regions that have begun to rot or have develop into ruined.

Another fantastic matter about absolutely tearing your roof off is you can improve the over-all price of your dwelling should really you at any time determine to provide your property. Most roofing elements today arrive with 20 or 30-yr warranties, so a brand new roofing alternative is like hitting the refresh button on its lifespan.

As for drawbacks, tearing your roof off is extra high priced than a recovery or roof overlay. There is a lot more labor when you tear off the old roof, not to point out the disposal of the previous roofing. The roof substitution system could also include a different working day to the set up.

The Reroof Procedure

In essence, you place a new layer of shingles about an existing roof. The present roofing content have to be in excellent condition since you really do not want to just include up difficulties spots. When you set a new roof on top of the present roof, problems will be a lot tougher to come across and tackle.

Whilst this process may possibly save you revenue, you should really familiarize you with the down sides. Whilst recovering your roof is frequently a viable possibility, at some point you will ultimately have no decision but to tear your roof off. When that takes place, you’ll need to clear away an more layer of roof, which makes finding a new roof a lot more labor-intensive and expensive.

Just be positive county codes and makers say a 2nd layer can be set up, this may perhaps not be the scenario in some conditions. It depends on the type of roofing and the situation of the roof and framework. One more roofing layer could exceed excess weight restrictions.

Reroof vs. Tear-Off: Building a Selection

Ahead of you base your decision exclusively on funds or if it will assist the home’s resale worth, it is much better that you chat about the pros and drawbacks with a roofing expert. Some of the variables that help establish your conclusion incorporate how a lot more time your roof is predicted to last, how a lot of leaks you have experienced in the past that originated from your roof, and the total problem of your roof.

A different thing to consider is what form of roofing material you want to use. In most scenarios, a reroof vs. tear-off could come down to what the new roof will consist of. For case in point, if you presently have a shingle roof, and want to set up a metallic roof, a reroof isn’t an solution simply because of the installation process.

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