The Australian Bureau of Statistics has come out with an interesting report involving the status of immigrants who have received visas and will be moving to Australia over the next two years. The survey was conclusive in determining the age and desired destinations of the immigrants. By keeping close tabs on immigration policy makers ensure the required economic and demographic goals are achieved.

Statistics show that a full two thirds of the people moving to Australia over the next two years are between the ages of 15 and 34. This has immigration officials in Australia in a state of ecstasy. This young age group is considered to be the most able to contribute to the economy while at the same time, they will be least likely to be reliant on public services such as healthcare and social services.

The most popular destinations in Australia desired by the immigrants were also asked in the survey. The report noted the largest percentage of immigrants, over 37%, wished to move to New South Wales. Victoria was the second most desired destination with 19%. Altogether, officials were most pleased since it showed their policy to evenly distribute new immigrants across the many regions was succeeding. In the past few years, the bulk of immigrants have settled in Western Australia.

Over 25% of the population were not born in Australia but rather moved there at a later stage in life. Today, most people moving to Australia are from England, with New Zealand coming in at a close second. With the trend of moving to Australia showing no signs of decline we can expect to see many more statistical surveys released in the future.

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