The B List of Killer Sales Words – Selling Words That Sell & Entice Customers Into Buying Anything

Killer sales words entice customer emotions into buying anything you sell. Selling words that sell prove it is how you say it. This creates instant desire in customers to buy what you are selling. The killer sales words and phrases listing here is sales ammunition you need.

40 years of researching key selling words that sell has shown sellers do not realize how important emotions are. A sale is accomplished by first finding your customers key emotion. Then you hammer it home with killer sales words and phrases that hammer home the urge in the customer to buy now. This two punch bound and determined combination separates true salespeople from order takers. The biggest gamble you take is doing nothing.

Provided for you is a list of B words and phrases. The B in these words that sell is not a quality measure. Instead, it simply means that the listing has enticement words that hit the bullseye with the letter B. Feel free to start trying some killer words in your prospecting or blockbuster sales presentation. You will experience how adding certain key words and phrases break down the barriers. You entice customers to buy what you sell right now. In fact, the blueprint for success is to stop selling and having customers with a burning desire to buy from you.

This article is intended to be kept short and helpful. Here is the first set of words that sell.

These selling words and phrases include: bank on it, begin a new tomorrow today, become the authority, based on my experiences, bullseye, benefit by just saying yes, blockbuster, bonanza, booming, bottom line, biggest gamble is doing nothing, best kept secret, backbone, buying power, and blueprint for success.

Here are a few more key words that sell: break down the barriers, bound and determined, bridge the gap, buckle down your seatbelt, build a strong foundation, built to last, bear markets prowl, bull markets charge ahead, break the mold, bountiful, breakthrough, burning desire, and brilliant deduction.

Use the B selling words for big bucks.

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