The Natural and Limited Resources of Land

Land is a limited resource. It is the layer of our planet ‘earth’. The resource has always been present. Its forms, fertility and appearance has evolved and regressed with human activities. The resource once considered as abundant is becoming scarce. The value of the land is an indicator of its scarcity. It is certain that land is a limited resource and it will become even scarcer in the near future.

Why protect land

The plentiful and unexploited land has always been a symbolic representation of freedom. It stands as a critical identity for America. The natural resource has lately been at inimical treat to depletion by development. The trend has been degenerative. The vast acres of natural land are being destroyed for monetary incentives. The controversial abuse of the resource led to the setting up of the first national park, in 1872, called Yellowstone. People finally understood that land was limited and once it was destroyed it would be impossible to undo the damage. Land must be preserved for the present and the future. There are approximately 160 million of acres being protected in America at the moment divided almost equally between wildlife refugees and national parks. The natural resource is still being depleted by deforestation for farming and other developments.

What will happen when limited land is exhausted?

The magnitude of limitation can become phenomenal. At the moment land is at high demand. The massive deforestation is increasing its availability for infrastructure. Altruistically, pressure groups such as local and international institutions are trying to prevent the pattern of cutting trees. This is restricting land availability. Once the expansionary activities become totally restricted, land will become more limited. It will put pressure on the capitalist to gain control or so called monopoly possession of land. The large areas and acres of land will be unavailable or even priceless in the far future.

Who possesses the majority of land?

The majority of wealth is possessed by only 10% of the population. The natural land is more widely spread but the rich are those who possess the larger piece of the cake. They have the bargaining power and the capital required to buy even more. This eventually makes them the owner of two critical resources land and capital. This is what will hold the lower classes at an inferior level in terms of ownership and power.

Investing in land for a reason?

Americans can invest in land for different reasons. It is certainly not for patriotism. It is rather for self-centered purposes. Whatever be the motive, it is important to spread ownership among middle and lower income-classes. This will help the buyer in the future and it will give you a fixed and material value. The land can always be used or re-sold if the necessity appears. It is a purposeful and safe investment.

All resources are limited. Land can neither be extended nor can it be created overnight. Its relation with natural resource is having some disparity with man’s intervention. It remains a gift, a symbolic memory and a resource for our future generation to survive.

Further reading (identification of national park)

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