Tips For A Safe Moving

Moving to another place can be a really stressful experience. Besides the sheer amount of physical efforts, you must also be concerned about the safety of your belongings and the ones who are helping you. Carefully plan your move in order to avoid property damage and injuries. Check the following safety tips.

The first thing to do is to ensure that your home is ready for moving operations. This means that it must have clean and dry floors. So, you should keep some cleaning products handy and load them last, in order to clean some areas, when needed. Furthermore, you must remove all objects from the main path for transporting boxes. Cover the walkway with non-slip plastic sheeting and carpet film.

Pay attention to narrow spaces and make sure that you do not damage the walls or the items you are transporting. Taking corners when moving fragile items or furniture must be planned ahead. You can protect the walls with cardboard, using tape to secure it. Moving items on stair railings is also challenging. You should cover the railing and make sure you do not damage the spindles.

Door jambs can be easily scratched and damaged, especially when moving cumbersome furniture. Use professional covers to protect the door frames during relocation.

When it comes to protecting your belongings, the best tip is to use high quality moving supplies. You will need professional and specialty moving boxes, depending on the nature of your cargo. It is a good idea to buy multiple boxes, of different sizes. Additionally, there is a vast number of specialty boxes for various electronics and fragile glassware items. Scan the market for the most suitable boxes.

Have plenty packing supplies at your disposal when you start packing. Packing paper, moving blankets, stretch wrap and paper padding are typically used for protecting your items. For fragile items use extra layers of protection.

When moving furniture, it is a good idea to measure the doorways, hallways and stairways. Also, if possible, dismantle the furniture, in order to make transport easier.

And, of course, you must protect yourself during the move. Make sure you do not overburden yourself with too heavy boxes and take some breaks from time to time. Make sure you are well hydrated, especially if you move during summer. Use proper lifting techniques when moving furniture or other heavy items. In order to avoid cutting or pinching your hands, you should wear gloves.

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