Tips for Selling – Mind Control Tricks to Increase Your Sales

You are probably sick and tired of getting conventional tips for selling. It’ high time you found out how you can influence prospect customers psychologically to buy your product.

These mind control tricks allow you to influence the subconscious mind of the prospect. This is crucial for success in sales, since people make decisions based on factors that are of the subconscious mind, such as emotions, desires, beliefs and values.

These tips for selling work effectively for influencing others to do what you want.

Pretend to be the prospect’s friend.

This is one of my favorite tips for selling because it works in almost all cases. It is simple to apply as well. All you have to do is act, as if you are giving friendly and honest advice to the person.

It is best for you to use a variety of techniques for building rapport together with applying this method to make it more effective. It is a good idea to share that you have had the same needs as the prospect and found a solution to satisfy them.

Then, you can readily get to a level of familiarity with the person, flatter his ego and give advice. Use these suggestions to influence the mind of a person to buy the product.

Make the prospect feel that he has different choices.

It is not uncommon for salespersons to apply too many techniques and to literally push the prospect into buying. Sometimes this works, but in other cases the person tends to oppose the purchase more powerfully in his mind.

One of the best tips for selling to overcome this issue is to give the prospect a number of choices. This automatically allows him to relax his mind, forget about the objection and focus on the making a choice between the different options.

You can use this psychological trick by offering a variety of similar products or the same product in different colors or with additional features. It is best not to present more than two or three choices in order to prevent confusion that may put the person off buying.

Use stories of other people buying and enjoying the product.

This one of the tips for selling is extremely effective for making presentations, for overcoming objections and for closing a sale. You can use it in any of these cases with slight modification.

When you tell a story, you trigger the prospect’s imagination. This is probably the most powerful tool for mind control. As the person sees your story in his mind, he will get an emotion, desire or thought based on it. This factor can literally push him to make the purchase.

You don’t have to come up with elaborate stories. One of the simplest ones is to share how many people have bought the product the day before or the previous week. Another simple story to tell is that of a customer who has objected buying, but is now extremely happy with the product.

In order to hook the prospect to the story, you need to use the so called loops. Simply put, you have to create a sense of suspense and make the prospect anticipate the end of the story.

Show the negative consequences of not buying.

Fear is a powerful mind control tool that you might want to use in case all other tips for selling fail. Of course, you don’t have to be sinister. Just make sure you are influential.

You can readily say, “Your problem will become more serious, if you don’t start using the product now.”

Similarly you can make a statement based on the fact that searching for a new solution may also have negative implications. For instance, “If you don’t buy now, you will have to start the search for solution from scratch again.”

The mind seems to be even more powerful, when hinted to imagine the negative consequences. That is why this technique is extremely effective and works like magic almost all the time.

You can readily use these tips for selling whenever you feel it is necessary. Just keep in mind that you need to have a strategy for applying them. In addition, tailor each technique to the individual prospect and the respective situation.

Use these tips for selling to close more sales. Keep expanding your knowledge to become an even more successful salesperson.

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