Diversifying your international investment portfolio is a key part of asset management if you are looking for long term growth. Diversification allows an investor to counter the downfall in certain sectors and particularly when doing international investing in stock and bonds.

International investing in foreign stock is hot and the recent emerging economies like India and China offer the investors in the US looking out for international investing opportunities a great prospect of making some real returns on their investment. And the interest in the emerging economies has grown more than ever with the recent boom in automakers, internet companies and electronic companies. Even though this might sound similar to the internet boom in the early 90s, international investing in funds is here to stay.

Investing internationally in funds offer diversification and the biggest advantage of investing abroad is the fact that the markets perform in differing cycles. If there is a downturn in the US economy, some other foreign country would be one the rise and therefore having a portfolio of more than one country allows you to counter volatile in one market and reduce your overall risk.

It is interesting to note that the international funds in the last 5-10 years have performed significantly better than the US stock funds. The benefit is no doubt diversification in international investing opportunities and international funds offer higher returns on your assets.

For investors who are willing to take some risk, international investing in up-and-coming markets is a great idea. Countries like Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia offer investors huge returns but also some risks to go with it. It is very important to remember not to be overexposed to any one fund when you are diversifying for the purpose of asset management. You should not consider getting 15% or more in your portfolio as a rule of thumb.

You also have the chance to diversify your wealth within international funds. There are numerous types of investment vehicles that offer you the opportunity to create a diverse portfolio. Look out for small, mid and large cap stocks around the globe from different emerging nations like China to highly industrial and established economies like Japan. You can also do international investing in the form of real estate investment trusts and purchase property just like another stock or commodity.

Asset management should help in diversifying your portfolio and one good way to look out for international investing in fund management.

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