Soffits appear in two types which are vented and non-vented soffit. Vented soffits are perforated which helps to secure good airflow all through your roof all through the summer season to allow heat to escape and chilly air to circulation into the eaves through the wintertime to reduce substantial detrimental ice dams from forming on your roof.

When putting in soffits on your home, it is crucial to not use insulation in the spot the place the soffit was installed for the reason that that would defeat the whole goal of the soffit in the very first spot – to allow for air circulation all through the attic. In the course of the summer season, it’s important to enable the scorching air escape and awesome air to occur into the attic to reduce excessive mould buildup and to retain the attic from overheating.

An overheating attic can direct to a lot of issues to arise in your house this sort of as:

  • An Amplified electric powered monthly bill
  • A/C or Heater possessing to operate much more difficult to control house temperatures within
  • Ice dam buildup during the winter season
  • Mold, Mildew, and Fungi buildup
  • Diminished house worth


Soffits are not the only variable in preserving your attic awesome, you nonetheless need to have to have a appropriately put in roof, right roof ventilation, and attic insulation or in buy for your attic and household to stay protected and as power effective as achievable.

Now you could consider to on your own, why on earth would you have non-vented soffit if air circulation is crucial? In some roof structures that have vented gables, ridge vents, or box vents in area, vented soffits may possibly not be needed. It’s normally most effective to check with with your roofing and siding contractor right before determining to put in soffits on your home, vented or non-vented.