Waste management is an essential aspect of modern society, ensuring that our communities stay clean, healthy, and sustainable. From household garbage to industrial waste, proper management of our trash and debris is critical to protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources.


Recycling can be described as the reuse or direct recycling of products. Used clothing and functional parts taken from used cars can be recycled. Material recycling is the process of recovering raw materials from waste. Production of new glass using fragments, melting scrap iron, and production of recycled building materials out of construction waste. The process of transforming waste into materials of lower quality than the original material is called downcycling.

Treatments That Combine Chemical-Physical and Biological Methods

Both chemical-physical and biological treatment have the same goal: to remove pollutants from waste and allow safe disposal. This is how wastewater and polluted excavated materials are handled. The pollutants can then be concentrated in suitable facilities after chemical-physical treatment.


Waste incineration residues or waste that isn’t suitable for material recycling or heat treatment are placed in landfills that meet the legal requirements. It must be pre-treated if the waste is not compliant with the legal requirements for landfilling.

Collect and Logistics

Many specialized actors are involved in the waste management sector. They are responsible for collecting waste at source (industry and commerce, households), and transferring it to appropriate transport containers. A cascade of specialist plants is often used to treat waste. Smooth logistics are essential for efficient waste management in all cases. The handover of hazardous waste must be documented in accordance with your local waste management

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